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Mini Lakes

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Susan Heisler, R.C.M., General Licensee

Senior Property Manager
519-824-4208 ext. 226

28 Bett Court
Guelph, Ontario
N1C 0A5

Susan believes property management is a ‘hidden profession’ and says that if she had known about the opportunities the career offers, she would have chosen it as a career path a long time ago.

Susan joined the MF Property Management Ltd. team in 2008 and obtained her R.C.M. designation in 2011. In March 2014, she was promoted to the position of Senior Property Manager and in this role she enjoys mentoring new property managers so they are able to meet the high standards we promote as part of being an ACMO-2000 certified organization.

In her previous careers, Susan provided extensive customer service to a wide variety of organizations and believes this skill set is the most important part of being a property manager. Property management gives her a great opportunity to meet with owners and to work with boards of directors to accomplish their goals to work and live in a condominium community.

In her spare time, Susan has fun entertaining her four grandchildren, spending time with her husband, and working in her gardens. She finds pulling weeds to be an excellent source of stress relief!